Together you must make your way through a world of danger; Deliver the antivirus to the robot mainframe and defeat the machines that threaten your very existence…

Project Details

  • 3D top down shooter.
  • 10 weeks, half-time.
  • Made with our own made engine using DirectX 11 for rendering.
  • C++ and Lua

My Contributions

  • Instanced, Blended and Masked Skeletal Animation – We wanted a animation system that could support having different animations on different parts on a body. I made a system for both blending between animations but also be able to mask which joints playing different animations. We could also attach entities to joints so it follows with the animations. Perfect for attaching weapons to hands. Or hats to heads.
  • Clustered Shading Updates – Updated to be able to shade transparent objects.
  • Automatic Shadow Map Atlas generation – With using a clustered shading rendering pipeline the system needed all shadow maps up-front when shading. I implemented a packer to render the shadow maps into a bigger texture that can later be used during shading with Clustered Shading.
  • Entity Component System – Refactored the engine component system to to be more user friendly and easier to add new component types. Made with another programmer.
  • Special Shaders Effects – The stasis bubble effect and the blinking when the robots gets hit for example.

The Team - Quantum Games

Technical Artist

Peter Hamlin