Lazer Cat


The Rat King as taken over the moon and has enslaved all the cats to work in the cheese mines! Pilot your ship through the enemy dominion and save the cats from all that cheddar.

Project Details

  • 2D shoot-em-up.
  • 8 weeks, half-time.
  • Made with the schools in-house DirectX 11 2D engine.
  • C++

My Contributions

  • GPU Particle System with Editor – Implemented a GPU particle system for effects and a simple editor for making them. Used DirectX 11 compute shaders for updating and spawning the particles on the GPU and rendered with indirect draw.
  • Level Loading – With Tiled as our level editor I loaded in the level data.
  • Environment Parallax Rendering –  Made sure that the terrain sprites were rendered in the right order for the parallax effect.

The Team - Lazer Squad