Enter a world of underground racing in outer space to pay back a dangerous debt. Fly fast, but be careful. You don’t want another one…

Project Details

  • 3D space racer.
  • 10 weeks, half-time.
  • Made with our own made engine using DirectX 11 for rendering.
  • C++

My Contributions

  • Rendering – This was a group effort with many contributions from all of the programmers. The more the project progressed, the more responsibility I had over the rendering. The more specific parts I made was:
    • Clustered Shading – A technique to have more lights on the screen at the same time. From to be able to have 10-20 lights we could have over a hundred at the same time with high performance. Another programmer helped me merge it into the engine from my personal project.

    • Instanced Rendering – Every model that could be instanced was instanced for rendering. Even with different data on each model, it was instanced. E.g a blue-tinted mesh and a red-tinted mesh is instanced. This allowed the game to have thousands of models on the screen at the same time.

    • Threaded Model Loading – Models were loaded in as they were needed for a more seamless experience.

    • Level Of Detail System – Models farther away from the camera is switched out to a less detailed version for rendering.

    • SSAO – Simple ambient occlusion effect. Implemented in cooperation with a teammate.

    • Bloom and HDR – Implemented in cooperation with a teammate.

    • Particle System – Simple particle system for effects. Particles updated on the CPU and then sent to the GPU for rendering. Implemented in cooperation with a teammate.

  • Entity Component System – Designed and implemented the engine components system with another programmer

The Team - Quantum Games

Technical Artists

Erik Arbelund
Peter Hamlin