When an outpost is under attack by a demon invasion, you and your trusty companion are sent to repel the demon horde.

Project Details

  • 2D top-down action shooter.
  • 8 weeks, half-time.
  • Made with the schools in-house DirectX 11 2D engine that I had heavily modified to support 3D rendering.
  • C++

My Contributions

  • Maya Level Exporter and Level Importing – We used Autodesk Maya as our level editor. I made a plugin with the Maya C++ API for exporting level objects and collision meshes. The object in Maya was tagged with custom attributes that tell what kind objects they are and then exported.
  • Custom Rendering Pipeline – Since we were using Maya as level editor and using actual meshes instead of 2D sprites. I re-wrote the render-pipeline of the school’s engine to be able to render meshes in the engine. Reason for doing this was to easier handle how objects were to render in the right order. Instead of we programmers handle it manually on the CPU, we let the graphics card handle it.
  • Teleport Shader Effect – Simple RGB distortion shader when the player teleports.

The Team - Springroll